Do you dare to come in?

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Do you dare to come in?

Mensaje por Madame Blair el Agosto 8th 2017, 11:40 am

Oh my dear, what are you doing here? Go ahead, come in Don’t you wanna know what is it in? We might don’t have the secret of life, or we might do.

Maybe here you can find answers, or maybe you can find more questions. But you never will know if you don’t take the risk, What could you lose? Is there something that you’re afraid to lose?

The cowards doubt, the wise people just act without hesitation. And then...  What would you do? Who are you?

Yo te escucho, yo te entiendo, yo te acompaño, my dear.

I hear you, I understand you, I'm with you, my dear.

Madame Blair

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