Do you hear them?

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Do you hear them?

Mensaje por Madame Blair el Agosto 15th 2017, 11:59 am

My dear, how are you today? everything’s ok? Come in, lets talk for a minute, remember when you are with me there’s nothing to fear, I know when you’re afraid, so don’t stop, lets talk the time you need.

Do you remember the time when a familiar voice calls you by your name but you were alone? Yes, the same voice that doesn’t distinct between the day and the night. Who’s that voice? How it was? You were alone at your home, right?

It was your mother’s voice calling you out of your room, it was the voice of your friend that calls you at the distance, but… was that impossible right?

Calm my dear, you’re safe and sound, at least for now, unless of course, that you’ve answered their calls.

Yo te escucho, yo te entiendo, yo te acompaño, my dear.

I hear you, I understand you, I'm with you, my dear.

Madame Blair

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