Can you feel it?

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Can you feel it?

Mensaje por Madame Blair el Agosto 15th 2017, 12:40 pm

Welcome my dear, don’t stay there static, come in don’t be shy. Get comfortable, take a seat and talk with me… Do you remember how it’s feel when someone is watching you? That tingle in your neck.

Do you remember? You know that feeling like a burning, a mild discomfort, that instinct that tells you that someone punches the back of your neck my dear, like them could see through you… Do you remember? You felt it when you were alone, even with persons around you. You could see it, right? a shadow at your side, hiding in the edge of your bed looking you at each second, specially when you turn uff the light.

I know that happend to you, come, why don’t you tell me about it?

Oh but remember my dear, they don’t like that you look back at them.

So don’t turn around, you better talk to me.

Yo te escucho, yo te entiendo, yo te acompaño, my dear.

I hear you, I understand you, I'm with you, my dear.

Madame Blair

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